An article in the Independent newspaper, shared on Facebook by our own Jess Murphy of Kai Restaurant and Cafe in Galway city, declares that 1.7 million turkeys consumed in Ireland this Christmas will not be Irish. Imports are flooding the country. Labelling makes it not easy to tell if your turkey is Irish or not, since regulations don’t currently have a requirement to specify country of origin. Imports of turkey have increased as Irish turkey production has been in severe decline in the last number of years. We can help you find and enjoy an Irish turkey this Christmas Day. Our Good Food Ireland approved butchers are conscientious in their meat sourcing at all times. Many have longstanding relationships with Irish turkey producers, so they can state the farms where their turkeys were reared. Farm fresh, free range and organic turkeys are options to consider for every budget.  Be sure in your food choice for this year’s celebration meal. Follow this link to our food shops to find a Good Food Ireland butcher near you…ordering essential!