It was our good fortune in early September to pop by and see the folks at O'Connell's in Donnybrook. Always good to catch up with the people who make the Good Food Ireland network what it is – a collection of like minded, enthusiastic and passionate people who want to put Ireland at the top of the food choice in their establishments. Tom and Annette O'Connell have been doing this for 15 years. On the day we called, we couldn't resist this fantastic value lunch of slow braised lamb shank, served on the most heavenly butteriest mash, with new season young parsnip and the last of late summer green beans. Cooking juices from the lamb made the most wonderful gravy. We ate every scrap. And all for less than €13.00. Yes, lunch here starts from €12.45 for a main course like this – giving us cause to believe this is one of the best value lunches in Dublin currently. No wonder the place was fairly rockin' when we arrived! The residents and professional workers of Donnybrook have cottoned on here and they are not slow to come back – day after day – because the menu changes daily and you never know what you might find. You will always find good value though, whether it's a light snack or a hearty main course you're looking for. Well done Tom and Annette and your professional and friendly team . We salute you!