All things bright and beautiful

Deep green cabbage and spinach.  Bright orange carrots. The amber hues of squash. Vibrant citrus. In the world of fruit and vegetables, colour equals vitamins. Dark green leafy veggies are known for their iron content.  Why do you think Popeye ate so much spinach?! It made him very strong instantly! The brighter your plate of seasonal vegetables, the more wholesome they are. Vitamin C is contained in most vegetables and fruit. This vit is valuable for its powerful antioxidant qualities,  known to help protect against heart disease and cancer, for healthy skin, warding off coughs and colds, and generally giving a sense of wellness. The best way to maximise on Vitamin C in any fruit or vegetable is to eat it raw. This is a delicate vitamin which leaches out in cooking water and is easily destroyed by heat. If you do have to cook veggies like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower or carrots, steam them lightly which helps preserve their nutrient content.  Squash are brilliant for soups – a warming bowlful promotes good health in winter. Vitamin C laden citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit give a belter of a boost when squeezed into a glass as a morning sip. At lunch or dinner, always include a raw salad as part of your meal.  Grate veggies like carrots and young beetroot then mix with thin strips of celery for a colourful and healthy salad loaded with crunchy textures.  Add some sultanas to the mix for a little bite of natural sweetness. Also throw in a few chopped walnuts – nuts provide a great source of protein plus Vitamin E for healthy skin and nails. To dress this delicious winter salad mix, try our recipe for Homemade Dijon Vinaigrette. Pour over and toss gently when ready to serve.