Dungarvan Farmers Market

The year 2004 saw the launch of the farmer’s market in Dungarvan. The town itself is a thriving gourmet hub, with great cafés such as Good Food Ireland member Louise Clark’s Nude Food – the funkiest café in this town! So a farmer’s market was a natural progression to add to the already vibrant food scene.  Louise’s own stall, Naked Lunch, is a regular site, serving organic beef burgers, veggie burgers, BLT’s and all manner of good food to go. Other members include Barron’s Bakery and Knocklara Farmhouse cheese – so the Good Food Ireland ethos is well supported here. Alongside these are many other talented food producers. Siobhan La Touche’s Organic Veg and Glenribben Organic Veg provide a great array of fresh produce and herbs for shoppers. Free Range eggs from a farm in Ballinmult are laid by hens free to roam and peck as nature intended and as such, have a taste of yesteryear about them. Also on this stall find the farm’s own free range pork, sold frozen, produced from a herd of happy Landrace/Saddle back cross piggies. Joe Condon’s famous organic highland raised Galloway beef is also here. Find treats like hot chocolate and roasted coffee beans, speciality continental foods like olives and dressings, and homemade jams, soups, chutneys, and ready meals.There are flowers and plants here too, provided by small market gardeners in the locality so you’ll find some unusual things to make your garden grow even more beautiful. The market is enjoying continued success since its birth thanks to a wide variety of local produce always available, and with new stalls being added all the time.Good Food Ireland Members trading at Dungarvan Farmers Market include:Barron’s BakeryBarron’s Bakery, Cappoquinn, was established in 1887 by Esther Barron’s father, John. Her father Joe Barron developed the business and was widely acclaimed as a master baker. His daughter Esther expanded the business to include confectionary baking and a coffee shop. Barron’s Bakery is one of the last bakeries in Ireland to bake their bread in Scotch Brick Ovens. These ovens give the bread a unique taste, flavour and crust. The bakery added spelt, sourdough and continental breads to its well-known range of traditional bread.   Naked Lunch Hot Foods from Nude FoodLouise and Eamonn would be delighted to see you at their “wagon” and can offer you griddle cooked burgers, spicy lamb, organic local beef and a vegetarian burger, along with BLT’s all served in locally produced Artisan Bagels. Vegetarian savouries, home bakes and Illy’s coffee and hot chocolate to go, are also available from our espresso machine. We value Slow Food and Artisan ethics using local producers to achieve really tasty authentic food.For further information please contact:Siobhan La Touche 086 39340564 contact@dungarvanfarmersmarket.com