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Famous the world over, the delicacy of Wagyu Beef has found a home on Joe Desmond’s family farm in in Co. Galway. Joe produces a quality Wagyu Irish Beef, managing the entire process from breeding, finishing and marketing this popular meat delicacy.

Meet the Maker

Located outside of Tuam, Co. Galway you’ll find the Desmond family farm. Here, Joe Desmond produces a range of Wagyu Beef, in various forms. Joe has carefully crafted his production of this beef to ensure maximum taste and quality and you can be assured that he has reached the heights of success in this regard. His Wagyu Beef steaks are the perfect mouth-watering dinnertime treat!

The delicacy of Wagyu Beef is known the world over as a premium cut of beef, carefully created and famous for its sublime taste. For those who aren’t familiar, Wagyu Cattle is native to Japan. Wagyu directly translates to Japanese Cow in English. Wagyu has found a home in the West of Ireland due to the diligent efforts of Joe Desmond, who produces Wagyu beef from his boutique farm, located outside of Tuam.

Joe’s herd comes from a full blood Wagyu from the original Japanese pedigree line. The breeding line comes from the first Wagyu Bull aptly named ‘Cuchulain’ to cross the Shannon. All of the Desmond farm progeny comes directly from this bull. To breed and create this range of premium beef Joe crosses the Wagyu Bull with an Irish dairy cow, with Freisian, Holstein, Jersey or Angus cows being used. This breeding results in an excellent beef product. The practice also has a sustainable role in utilising the excess unwanted dairy calves that are seen to glut the market.

The animals are finished indoors for the last 6 months and are fed on a diet of locally grown grain and spent brewers grain sourced from a locally brewery. Now that’s what you call a local diet at its best!

The finished results of Joe’s endeavours are astounding. The meat presents with a unique marbling that produces a very tender and flavoursome meat. It’ll simply melt in your mouth. West Ireland Wagyu comes in a number of cuts of beef from striploin and rib eye to even mince meat for burgers. You’ll have plenty of fun enjoying your tasty selection of West Ireland Wagyu. Joe also supplies cuts of beef to local restaurants including fellow Good Food Ireland® Approved Member, Aniar Restaurant, who are big fans of Joe’s beef.

There’s a number of myths floating around regarding the production of this illustrious Wagyu Beef product, these include creating a calm environment in which the herd live. This is widely believed to be achieved through the use of lavender scents and massaging the animals to help them relax. We can confirm that this is indeed practiced on Joe’s Farm and the animals do indeed love it. Visitors to the farm are invited to massage the animals while taking in the lovely essential oil lavender scent permeating the air. Pepper the master farm dog, will proudly supervise, having a soft spot for the Wagyu Bull.

It goes without saying that Joe Desmond has created an exciting addition to the Irish meat market with his progressive farming endeavours. He is successfully creating a premium Irish product in a conscientious sustainable way.


Sustainable practices play a big role on Joe Desmond’s Farm. He has recently created a protected wildlife ditch which diverts surface water away from the yard. Plans are also in place to develop a honey beekeeping operation which will help clover and grass pollination.

Joe’s herd of Wagyu is a cross between dairy calves and a Wagyu Bull, in farming terms diary cows are not best thought of for beef production, but when they’re crossed with Wagyu the product works perfectly well. With calves coming in Springtime Joe’s practice of using dairy calves will help alleviate the “unwanted dairy bull calves” that glut the market.

The West Ireland Wagyu herd’s diet is supplemented by spent brewers grain, locally sourced from a nearby Brewery. This ensures that 100% of feedstock comes from Ireland, more so the majority from within a 20 mile radius. The term ‘locavore’ comes to mind, which states a person’s diet comes primarily from locally grown or produced food.

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