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Established in 1870, The Bretzel Bakery is as much a part of Dublin culinary history as a bowl of coddle. It has changed hands a few times since then and is now in the hands of William Despard. This bakery has full kosher status, re-established when they took over in 2000. In fact, The Bretzel still makes ‘challah’ (Jewish festive sesame bread) to the same recipe as back in the old days when it opened.

Meet The Maker

William was aware of the importance of the task that he had taken on with The Bretzel Bakery and was keen to safeguard its traditions and reputation, while gently pulling the business into the 21st century. He even kept the bakery’s ancient traditional oven, which has been used for over a hundred years.

Instead of changing the time-honoured practices, William decided to just slightly modernise the existing oven and use its variant temperatures to bake breads and pastries of differing temperature requirements at different times of the day. It’s this dedication to tried-and-tested quality that makes The Bretzel Bakery and Cafe such a beloved spot in Dublin.

Born out of a desire to serve a community, The Bretzel is a local Dublin bakery with a long history of baking good bread. Open to new ideas while keeping its spirit and traditions intact, the passion of the Bretzel bakers is to make wholesome bread which retains its nutritious qualities. Long fermentation and good ingredients give great flavour, aroma and digestibility.

William works closely with their customers perfecting the various styles of bread required, from dense sourdough to fluffy white rolls. Bakers prepare up to seventeen distinct dough mixes each evening.

The bread selection includes fabulous wholegrain (crunchy and wholesome), tomato and fennel baps (sweet and liquorice) olive and walnut loaves (nutty and dense), rye and caraway (crunchy and treacly) and Irish brown soda (buttermilky and comforting). Continental baguettes and focaccias, bagels and dinner buns are also available. Sweet treats include buns, sponges, tarts and cakes, while the onsite cafe in Portobello serves hearty sandwiches and light snacks.

The Bretzel Bakery sells bread and deli items from the original shop and cafe on Lennox Street, Portobello, Dublin and the bread can also be found in shops and supermarkets across Dublin and Kildare.

Other Facilities

Get the full Bretzel experience when you visit their cafe located on site. Enjoy a tasty sourdough sandwich and a coffee as you take in the aroma of freshly baked bread… Delightful!


The Bretzel Bakery is a verified Origin Green member; as part of its Origin Green plan, the company is embracing the latest innovative technology to track its energy usage.

They promote artisan baking methods and champion Irish ingredients in the cafe. What’s more, the long fermentation that goes into a loaf of sourdough makes it far healthier than a sliced pan, which is made using a chemically-accelerated process.

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