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The Stafford family produce the award-winning Jackford Irish Potato Gin, made with potatoes from their own farm in Co. Wexford. A sip of this gin with a dash of tonic water provides you with the earthy tastes of the rich dark soil of the farming heartland of Wexford. Herbs and spices such as rosemary, juniper, liquorice root and angelica are subtly blended in an enticing aroma of flavours that elevate this craft gin to dizzying heights.

Meet The Maker

Jackford Irish Potato Gin is a labour of love for John Stafford and a testament to the land for which he farms and sustainably manages. The Stafford family have a long-rooted reputation for excellence when it comes to farming both locally and nationally from their family farm based just outside of Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.

Potatoes grown on the farm are distributed throughout the country and are known for their exceptional quality, nutritional value and delicious taste. Now, the excellent flavour of this product has been incorporated into a fabulous premium Irish craft gin, Jackford Irish Potato Gin.

The popularity of Irish craft gin has skyrocketed in recent years, as consumers look for premium quality drinks with subtle yet enticing flavours that craft gin is known for. John Stafford saw an opportunity to add more value to his expertly grown potatoes by creating his own take on the popular spirit, featuring his own potatoes and several other carefully selected ingredients to create Jackford Irish Potato Gin.

The award-winning gin offers something really valuable to the growing Irish craft gin market, allowing its unique flavour – that harks back to its farming roots – to speak for itself.

While Jackford Irish Potato Gin is superb with a dash of tonic water, Stafford Irish Spirits have also created some excellent cocktail recipes for bringing out the gin’s flavours. We love the aptly named ‘Damn the Weather’ cocktail. For this, you’ll need sweet vermouth, fresh orange juice, Jackford potato gin and Cointreau. Serve with some ice and an orange twist.

You’ll find this premium Irish gin in selected independent bars, restaurants and alcohol retailers across the country.


Stafford Irish Spirits produce an excellent sustainable Irish gin using naturally grown potatoes from their own farm and locally sourced, locally distilled spirits.

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