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At Regan Organic Farm, Mary Regan works hard with her family and employees to produce free-range organic poultry and meat reared as naturally as possible, along with a range of organic fruits and veggies. The farm has been in the family for generations. Traditionally a mixed farm, in the last few years, the team have focussed on producing organic poultry (mostly chickens) but also some ducks, turkeys and pigs, along with the fruit and veg. Regan Organic Farm is certified by the Organic Trust.

Meet The Maker

Mary Regan owns and runs Regan Organic Farm along with her sisters Helen and Ger and husband David. Starting out with a couple of second-hand poultry houses on her 32-acre farm, Mary has built up a very successful poultry business that has diversified into ducks and pork as well as tourism and training.

The Regans began selling in the local farmers market and now supply lots of good organic and specialist food shops in the region, as well as selling online.

Regan Organic Farm is home to organic poultry and pork reared with compassion in beautiful County Wexford. The entire farm is certified organic so no pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, hormones or genetically modified products are used.

Unlike chickens farmed indoors in a conventional system, Regan Organic chickens take over three months to reach maturity before processing. This allows the flesh to develop good texture, making it succulent, juicy and flavourful when cooked.

Their own poultry abattoir was added in 2015, with the intention of reducing stress on the poultry by taking away the need for travel for processing. Pigs are sent to a local abattoir, Christy Byrne’s in Camolin.

The organic chickens, ducks and pigs reared on the Regan farm can root and peck away at wild herbs and grubs to their hearts’ content, bathe in the dust or roll around in the mud. The chickens don’t have their beaks trimmed, the pigs don’t have their tails docked or their teeth clipped.

The farm produces oven-ready chickens and chicken portions, ducks and turkeys, hen and duck eggs, and sausages, all of which are available to buy online. Chickens are available whole or in various cuts, as shown on the Regan Organic Farm website. Regan Organic Farm is also available in select independent butchers around the country.

Other Facilities

You can come to the farm in Dranagh and see for yourself how the chickens, ducks and pigs live and are cared for. They are a treat to watch! Book your tour online.


Regan Organic Farm is certified by Organic Trust CLG. This means no pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, hormones or genetically modified products are used. All of their animals are reared naturally free-range.

Farming these birds is a hands-on business, with monitoring on a daily basis. They are manually let out bright and early in the mornings and brought in again each night. During the day, they always have access to indoors. Regan Organic Farm chickens are happy birds who like to wander the great outdoors and see what’s going on in the world!

When it comes to time for processing, which is done on the farm, procedures are monitored strictly by the vet to ensure the birds are treated humanely, with as much care as they have had in life. Waste is dealt with by a disposal company in Waterford and all records are scrupulously kept throughout the lives of the birds.

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