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Kay O’Connell Fish Merchants is an award-winning provider of fresh seafood in Cork’s renowned English Market. You will find organic farmed salmon from Murphy’s in Bantry Bay, oysters from Haven Shellfish in Crosshaven and local lobsters and crabs caught by small-boat fishermen.

Meet The Maker

Founder Kay O’Connell’s commitment to supplying quality fish began in 1962, with daily trips to Castletownbere on the Beara Peninsula in West Cork, a good three-hour drive away from the city centre. Often, she took her then two small sons, Pat and Paul with her to learn how to recognise great quality local fish and seafood. Today, Pat and Paul, together with their families, continue that commitment to quality. This is why restaurants and the public alike still flock to K O’Connell’s to buy great fish.

The O’Connell ethos is to bring consistent quality to its customers, which is why it has earned the reputation as the best fishmonger in town. Shoppers don’t just come to O’Connell’s to buy great fish, they come to watch the floor show too. This is food theatre at its very best. Stand back and be amazed by any of the counter staff here as they fillet, skin and wash fish in about two seconds flat. They also offer cooking tips, invaluable advice and fishing stories as they work their magic.

The O’Connell brothers still follow their mother’s tradition of travelling to Castletownbere Fisherman’s Co-Op to get the best of the catch from local waters. You will find organic farmed salmon from Murphy’s in Bantry Bay, oysters from Haven Shellfish in Crosshaven and local lobsters and crabs caught by small boat fishermen. O’Connell’s smoked salmon is prepared to a special recipe and is a wonderful gourmet gift.

You’ll also find cod, hake, plaice, lemon sole, black sole, turbot, skate (ray-wing), sea bass, sea bream, haddock, monkfish, swordfish, halibut, whiting, white sole, chowder-mix, smoked coley/haddock, fresh prawns and battle-board (salted-ling).

Customers can also enjoy sustainable catches from further afield including snapper, tuna and mullet, amongst others. One thing all the fish have in common here is supreme freshness. There’s also a small deli section of local produce.

Other Facilities

Stock up on your favourite fish and seafood products at Kay O’Connell’s stall in the famous English Market in the centre of Cork City. These fishmongers are experts at their job, and will easily prepare your fish and seafood items. A fountain on knowledge too, make sure to get their advice on seasoning and cooking your fish.


K O’Connell prides itself in the philosophy of handpicking fresh fish for the customer from fisherman’s co-ops and small boat fishermen as opposed to going down the ‘own fleet’ route. This approach gives the customer the best choice and quality as well as supporting the local Cork fishing industry.

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