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Galway Goat Farm supplies fresh goat’s milk, yoghurt and a range of delicious cheese from their home in Dunmore, Co. Galway. Fresh milk is pasteurised on-site before the fun of cheesemaking can begin.

Meet The Maker

Larry and Anne Maguire produce several products, including both fresh and aged goat’s cheese, fresh goat’s cheese curd and a thick and creamy goat’s milk yoghurt.

Galway Goat Farm supplies fresh goats milk, yoghurt and cheese to local Galway stores on a seasonal basis, with seasonal visiting hours at the farm where you can discover more about the product at the source.

Larry and Anne Maguire produce traditional cheeses and pasteurised milk, as well as some more innovative products. Recently, Larry has been experimenting with his goat’s cheese by maturing it a bit longer; this is named Gurteen Button and is an award-winning cheese. For his latest cheese Conc Dubh (the Black Hill), he has looked to a traditional French-style. This is produced by spreading a light coating of ash on the rind that is matured for a period of 3 to 4 weeks. Conc Dubh is a goat’s cheese pyramid which has a dry texture and is strong in flavour. Enjoy Larry’s cheeses spread over some freshly baked bread, accompanied by some crackers or in a summer goat’s cheese salad.

Larry and Anne’s passion for their cheeses is clear, especially when you hear them speak about their products and the cheesemaking process. Galway Goat Farm cheeses have won numerous national and international awards over the years.


Galway Goat Farm produce goat’s cheese and milk from their small family farm in Galway in a sustainable and natural manner. From their farming methods to the reusable glass bottles that they package the milk in, sustainability is a key part of daily life at this artisan farm.

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