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East Ferry Farm is a free-range family farm in East Cork specialising in free-range chicken, free-range turkey, free-range geese, farm-fresh duck and eggs. Their top-quality free-range poultry is reared in the traditional way.

Meet The Maker

The Fitzsimmons family have been breeding quality poultry in East Cork for generations. All their free-range turkey, geese and chickens are housed in mobile houses, allowing the poultry to move freely from field to house. All this fresh air and exercise develops firm texture and a fuller flavour when the bird eventually reaches your table. You can order online from their selection of free-range duck, geese, white turkeys, eggs and more.

The Fitzsimmons family have lived in East Ferry, Midleton, County Cork for generations. Robert Fitzsimmons’ mother kickstarted the farming passion when she produced a flock of 700 turkeys each year for private sale. She also produced chickens for Ballymaloe Cookery School and Ballymaloe House.

As Robert Fitzsimmons grew up, he dabbled in keeping hens for eggs production. After a break from the poultry industry, Robert and his wife Yvonne established their own free-range poultry farm in June 2008. Robert uses mobile housing to ensure a healthy environment for his birds. This means that the portable houses can be towed to a new patch of clean ground, immediately after each is emptied of a full-grown batch of livestock, allowing for a proper full rearing and cleaning cycle to be maintained. The birds are free to roam in wide-open pastures and behave exactly as they should in natural surroundings. As a result, their birds are fine-textured and delicious.

Robert acquires day-old chicks from Cork and goslings from Wicklow and brings them on to full maturity on the farm. These birds are of the highest quality: totally traceable, and matured longer for a more well-developed flavour.

Another admirable ethos at East Ferry Farm is their aim to keep prices affordable so that families can enjoy the benefits of a good quality bird. East Ferry Free Range birds are available to order from the farm and via small butchers and food shops in the locality. Pre-orders are also taken early for Christmas turkeys and geese.


East Ferry Free Range farm is well known for their Irish free-range produce and is passionate about carving out space in the market for good quality, locally produced free-range poultry as people become more aware of food traceability and the welfare of the animal. East Ferry Farm is fully licensed by the Department of Agriculture and rear its poultry sustainably and traditionally.

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