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Achill Oysters is a small, family-run business with a long fishing heritage. The family produces farmed Pacific oysters close to a beautiful beach on the Atlantic Ocean around Achill Island. The oysters are traditionally grown, sustainably farmed, and taste wonderful.

Meet The Maker

Hugh O’Malley spent his childhood on the idyllic island of Achill. He was brought up fishing with his father and grandfather from a ‘currach’, a traditional small Irish boat, from which they caught salmon and lobster. Hugh enjoyed this quality fish and shellfish regularly as a child. As a teenager, he left Achill to travel to the UK for secondary and university education, but the call of the island never quite left him.

Hugh moved back to Ireland and today lives and works in Ennis, Co. Clare ‘I went to Ennis for a weekend and never left!” Today he spends at least two days a week on Achill Island attending to his oyster farm, Achill Oysters.

In Ennis, Hugh processes oysters he farms on Achill Island, where his parents still live. Achill Oysters produces farmed Pacific oysters close to a beautiful beach, which Hugh says is a ‘nightmare to work on because it is so soft with bog underneath, but it gives the oysters a magnificent flavour.’ Which is probably why the best chefs in Ireland are only too keen to get their hands on some.

Achill Oysters are gathered from the pure waters of the Atlantic Ocean around Achill Island, then brought to Ennis to undergo a cleaning process in special purification tanks, which are required by law to process shellfish. After purification, Achill Oysters are packaged in traditional wooden caskets and can be sent directly to customers and chefs nationwide. ‘We are only delighted to hear from anyone who wants our oysters. We can send them anywhere by courier. Our product is tailored to our customers, so whatever anyone wants, we can supply.’

This is a business which has grown ‘organically’, as Hugh says. ‘What started off as a hobby in the potting shed at the back of my parent’s house is now a full time occupation. When we started the business we had just two tanks, which have now increased to eight tanks as we speak.’ And we bet it won’t stop there, for Hugh is a very determined man.

In the busy season, Achill Oysters also processes and supplies oysters from other quality oyster farming areas in Ireland. Origins of these are specified on packaging and labelling.


Achill Oysters fully adheres to all recommendations from the Sea and Fisheries Protection Authority and carries the Bord Bia Origin Green status for companies which adhere to strict production regulations and make very little impact on the environment.

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