Skeaghanore West Cork Duck Smoked Duck Eggs Benedict Recipe

Hollandaise: (this makes about 400ml of sauce)
•    Bring a pot of water to the boil
•    Separate your four eggs into white and yolk
•    Place the egg yolk, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper into a heat proof bowl
•    Turn off the water and place the yolk mix over the boiled water
•     Whisk your egg yolk until it lightens slightly in colour
•    Slowly add the melted butter whisking the whole time – if there is no one there to assist you, add a little at a time in stages then whisk thoroughly between each addition
•    Once all the butter is added, sieve the mix into a clean heat proof bowl and leave sit over the hot water, mixing every couple of minutes so it does not lump

•    Preheat your grill to a medium to high heat
•    Poach your egg to how you like it – running/hard poached- (make it easy, place the cracked egg into some cling film, and place in the water – perfect egg everything)
•    Toast your choice of bread, once you’ve toasted your bread, lay the smoked duck on top
•     Drain your poached egg and place on the smoked duck and generously pour the hollandaise sauce over 
•    Place underneath the grill until golden brown, you can add some cracked black pepper or some parsley to finish