Jenny Flynn’s Humble Christmas Trifle – Faithlegg

To make the jelly base
Allow the gelatine to bloom in ice cold water
Warm the syrup with the spices
Cube the sponge and put in the base of the trifle mould with cherries
Put soften gelatine in the syrup a little bit of sherry or crème de cassis can be added if you like it
Strain over the sponge and allow to set in the fridge
To make the custard 
Boil the cream, beat the egg yolks sugar and scraped vanilla pod together until light and fluffy
Pour over some of the boiled cream continue whisking until all cream has been added then return to
the heat and heat gently until coats back of a spoon
Strain and allow to cool before pouring on the set jelly
Whisk the cream and put on top of the custard
Leave in fridge overnight to see allow layers to set together
Garnish with fresh cherries mint and chocolate

This is a base of any trifle if you don’t like cherries as the base you can use strawberry or any fruit. Jenny loves cherries especially around Christmas, you can also add chocolate to the custard mixture you have endless ideas with this one.