Chicken Butter Masala

To marinade the chicken:
  • Clean Chicken Legs, Remove all the skin and make deep incisions using a sharp knife.
  • Absorb all moisture of Chicken Legs using a tissue.
  • Add Chicken legs to a mixing bowl, Add 1tsp Garam Masala,1tsp Chili powder, 1tbsp Ginger Garlic paste, Salt mix it well.
  • Marinate it for at least 24 hours. Refrigerate it overnight

To cook the chicken: 

  • After the chicken has marinated for a day, sear the Chicken Legs on a pan using Mustard Oil. Let it cool.
  • Once the chicken is cooled down, Add Yogurt & Mustard Oil & fresh Lemon Juice and mix it thoroughly
  • Cook the Chicken Legs on skewers in pre heated oven at 160 degrees for 30 minutes.
  • As we are putting Chicken Legs in oven We need to start our sauce.

To make the sauce

  • Put Cashew Nuts to boil with enough water to cover them.
  • Keep cleaning the scum as cashew boils. Boil the nuts for 15 minutes (till nuts are softened) and wash them with cold water.
  • Add Butter Ghee in a sauce pan, Add Bouquet Garni once Ghee has reached its smoking point (which is very High).
  • Add 1tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste, Sauté for a minute.
  • Add Ground Spices (1tsp Garam Masala, Ground Coriander, Chilli Powder), Cook spices for 2-3 minutes
  • Add Tomatoes (Pureed), Jaggery and let it cook on slow heat till oil separates.
  • Blend the Cashew Nuts (boiled) in to smooth paste. Add this paste to the Tomato sauce and blend the whole mix using Handy Blender or Soup Gun which ever accesible.
  • Check the seasoning, Add Fenugreek Leaves,Fresh Green Chilli, Butter and Cream, Mix it well.
To serve
  • Add Chicken Legs to sauce and serve it own its own or with Basmati Rice.
  • Pour Butter Masala Sauce in a round plate,using a round ring. Take the ring off slowly and rest Chicken Leg (halved) on the sauce. Use Yogurt, Coriander or Red Onions as Garnish
  • Mustard Oil gives the best results for roasting.
  • Use Good Quality Honey if Jaggery not available.