Carrygerry’s Seafood Chowder

Seafood Chowder – Method:

  1. In a large pot heat the butter and sauté the onions, carrots, celery & leeks for about 5 – 6 minutes.
  2. Add the fish stock, salt & pepper, gentle simmer for 15 minutes.
  3. Add the haddock, salmon, cod and mussels, gentle simmer for 5 minutes.
  4. Add cream and simmer for 5- 6 minutes
  5. Garnish with chopped dill and serve.

Fish Stock – Method:

  1. Melt butter in a thick bottomed pan
  2. Add the sliced onion, the well washed fish bones and remainder of the ingredients except water
  3. Cover with greaseproof paper and a lid and sweat ( cook gently without colouring) for about 5 minutes
  4. Add the water, bring to boil, skim and simmer for 20 minutes, then strain.

Cheese and Mustard Scones – Method:

  1. Mix all dry ingredients
  2. Add butter & grated Cheese
  3. Add buttermilk and mix well
  4. Knead well and cut to size
  5. Brush with egg wash and cook for 12/15 minutes at 220*c

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