Carrots and Buttermilk

Method for Carrots

1. Place the butter, herbs and carrots in a heavy-bottomed shallow pot and cover.

2. Keep moving the carrots and basting until they’re cooked.

3. Change the butter or herbs if they start to burn.

Method for Chewy Carrots

1. Cook carrots in vac bag until just undercooked.

2. Dry the carrots in a low oven for four hours, or a dehydrator for one hour.

Method for Fermented Baby Carrots

1. Clean the baby carrots and place them in a clean kilner jar. 

2. Cover with brine and leave at room temperature for three days.

Method for Whey Sauce

1. Reduce the carrot juice to a glaze.

2. Heat the buttermilk until it splits and strain off the whey. 

3. Discard the curds.

4. Whisk the butter into the warmed whey bit by bit.

5. Whisk in the carrot juice and keep warm. 

To Finish

1. Chop the larger carrots into more manageable pieces and divide among four bowls. 

2. Slice six fermented carrots into thin rounds and arrange among the other carrots.

3. Reheat the chewy carrots with carrot glace and arrange among the carrots. 

4. Dress with sauce.