Belly and Loin of Pork, Salt Baked Turnip, Carrot Puree Aubergine Caviar

Carrot Puree
Cook the carrots in the butter until tender.
Blend, season and pass through a fine chinois

Salt baked turnip
Mix the flour, salt and chopped herbs together until a dough is formed
Wrap the baby turnip in the pastry and baked in the oven (180C/fan 160C) for 25- 40minutes
Remove from pastry, peel. Break down the turnip in a processor but not to a puree consistency. Keep it a little rough

Aubergine caviar
Split the aubergine in 2 length ways
Score the flesh and sprinkle with salt. Leave for an hour to draw out the moisture
Mix chopped rosemary thyme and garlic. Pour over the flesh. Cook until tender – 140c for 40mins
Scrape out the flesh and blend. Cook it down further in a pot
Add truffle vinegar, salt and pepper to taste
Dice turnip and carrot to ½ centimetre and blanch until tender
Peel a baby carrot and blanch until tender

Loin of Pork
Roll in cling film until very tight and leave in fridge overnight.
Remove Clingfilm, sear in pan and cook for 7- 8 minutes in oven.

Belly Of Pork
Soak pork belly in brine for 4 hours
Remove and wash
Cook pork belly in duck fat for 8 hours at 150c
Remove from fat and press with weight. Leave to chill.
Cut to desired size and sear in pan until crisp. Finish in oven.