West Ireland Wagyu Approved to the Good Food Ireland® Collection

West Ireland Wagyu Approved to the Good Food Ireland® Collection

Immediate Release - Wed, 9th Dec 20

Located outside of Tuam, Co. Galway you’ll find the Desmond family farm. Here, Joe Desmond produces a range of Wagyu Beef, in various forms. Joe has carefully crafted his production of this beef to ensure maximum taste and quality and you can be assured that he has reached the heights of success in this regard. His Wagyu Beef steaks are the perfect mouth-watering dinnertime treat!

The delicacy of Wagyu Beef is known the world over as a premium cut of beef, carefully created and famous for its sublime taste. For those who aren’t familiar, Wagyu Cattle are native to Japan. Joe’s herd comes from a full blood Wagyu Bull from the original Japanese pedigree line. The breeding line comes from the first Wagyu Bull aptly named ‘Cuchulain’ to cross the Shannon. All of the Desmond farm progeny comes directly from this bull. To breed and create this range of premium beef Joe crosses the Wagyu Bull with an Irish dairy cow, with Freisian, Holstein, Jersey or Angus cows being used. 

The finished results of Joe’s endeavours are astounding. The meat presents with a unique marbling that produces a very tender and flavoursome meat. It’ll simply melt in your mouth. West Ireland Wagyu comes in a number of cuts of beef from striploin and rib eye to even mince meat for burgers. 

Read more about what we have to say about West Ireland Wagyu here. 

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