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Good Food Ireland

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Our Programmes

Brand Trust & Distinction

As the market becomes ever more competitive, brand trust is an important competitive differentiator. Good Food Ireland® is a trusted standard with a proven track record in the promotion of quality local food and drink and speaks to your business integrity.

Membership has its Privileges

Good Food Ireland® offers Approved Members special advantages and rights unavailable to others. You will belong to a mutually-reinforcing network of like-minded businesses, cross-selling combined experiences and with the consistent support and marketing of the organisation. Good Food Ireland® Brand Good Food Local Distinction Caring People Authentic Exacting Standards Thorough Inspections Best in-class Excellence The quality assurance mark for everyone who simply loves good local food

Membership Approval and Licence of Logo and Sign

Membership is subject to onsite inspection and approval to ensure that Good Food Ireland® meets its promise to its customers and each other. It is the Members responsibility to uphold Good Food Ireland® standards and core values. Only Approved Members are permitted to use the Good Food Ireland® Brand, which is the subject of a registration with the Irish Trade Marks Office and contract terms and conditions.

Online Reach is the Official website of Good Food Ireland®. With extensive online reach and 100,000+ registered subscribers it offers high value distribution to a key target audience, domestically and internationally. You become part of a like-minded family and cross-sell experiences. With the largest Social Audience of comparable Irish Food and Tourism brands (Independent Research 2020) Good Food Ireland® distinction offers a whole new customer reach looking for verification and guarantee of a premium Irish food and drink experience.

Programmes for Industry

We provide customers with independent verification of your commitment to local Irish food. Our trusted brand represents quality, authenticity and sustainability. Use it to endorse and generate sales for your business, through your food.

Benefits Designed for You

We have developed three Membership Programmes. Choose the one that best suits your business –

Membership Programme Levels

3 Star: Drive Your Business Our 3 Star Programme gives you brand endorsement and international standout and recognition for your commitment to local ingredients and as a premium food and drink experience. With a highly qualified and in-market audience opens new opportunities to highlight your business and drive sales directly to your own website.

4 Star: Drive Your Brand Our 4 Star Programme will ensure that you build your brand and standout. Inclusion on our Touring Map with its wide reaching viewership and our large Social Media following ensures your brand achieves enhanced awareness and maximises your leads.

5 Star: Drive Your Success Our premium 5 Star Programme will not only maximise your sales but also build your brand. Distinguish your business profile through curated news and showcase your offering including special offers and gourmet breaks across the Good Food Ireland® platform and partner websites.

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GFI Events right right right
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GFI News cross right right
GFI Digital Newsletter cross right right
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At any time throughout the year you can change your programme.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a selection of our most frequently asked questions from our members.

Yes it will automatically continue after the Initial Term for successive 12-month periods unless you fail to meet standards and obligations outlined in Membership Contract.

Yes you can use the brand on your website, menus and promotional material subject to adherence of brand guidelines.

Yes at any time you wish to upgrade or downgrade your programme just contact the office. Any changes to the programme must be for a further full term agreement of 12 months.

Yes all Members can have their Experiences uploaded to the online platform subject to approval and subject to a handling fee on sales.

Yes the Magazine is an independently curated digital news platform. Members can advertise where relevant. Just call the office for participation costs.

Yes you can cancel your membership at the end of any term by giving written notice at least 1 month prior to the expiry of the Initial Term or any subsequent 12 month period. Failure to give this notice will result in being liable for a further year’s fee at the then-prevailing annual fee rate.

If you sell or cease to operate your business for any reason you must give 1 month’s written notice of terminating this Agreement at the expiry of the Initial Term or any subsequent 12-month period.

Yes if you fail to uphold the standards and obligations as agreed or if you fail to pay your annual fee (or any fee properly due) by the due date, and notwithstanding termination, the fee is still due and owing to Good Food Ireland® as a contract debt.

Member Guidelines

Membership Contract

As an approved Member you have agreed by Contract to uphold obligations and standards as outlined. On termination of this Agreement, all licences and permissions cease immediately. Download

Brand Guidelines

Good Food Ireland® is a Registered Trademark with the Irish Trade Marks Office with the rights and subject to the conditions in such registration. Download

Membership Brochure

The Membership Brochure outlines the different programme benefits to choose for your business. Download

Download Trademark

The Trademark is subject to license and copyright as per Brand Guidelines. Download

Website Link Logo Procedures

Associating your website with Good Food Ireland® through on-site placement of the brand connects your business for greater distribution. Download

Membership Insurance Form

To receive Bookings or participate in any of our Events you must first complete the Insurance Indemnity Form. Download

Gift voucher procedures

Check Voucher

Check the Value and the Expiry Date.

Treat Like Cash

Accept as part or full payment of the customer’s bill.

Submit Voucher

Send to office for receipt of payment


You will receive payment less agreed handling fee

Voucher information


As an Approved Member of Good Food Ireland® you have agreed (Contract clause 4.3 – Obligations of Member) to accept Good Food Ireland® Gift Vouchers from our customers. In order to avoid any misunderstandings or customer embarrassment, you are obliged to ensure that all your staff are fully briefed on the acceptance and redemption procedures listed herein. Gift Vouchers are subject to a 5% handling fee on redemption (or as may be introduced at any time in the future on 1 months’ notice to the Member).

Customer Terms & Conditions for using the Gift Voucher

  • The Good Food Ireland® Gift Voucher offers a wide choice of quality guaranteed local food and drink experiences all over the island of Ireland to enjoy your gift. All have been visited by our Quality Assurance Team, before being recommended to you. From dining in a cosy restaurant, to staying in a luxury hotel or country house, to purchasing local food and drink produce or taking a cooking class, all the while knowing, you are sustainably supporting local businesses and communities.
  • It is valid exclusively in any of the Good Food Ireland® Approved Collection of businesses.
  • The Gift Voucher is non-refundable and there is no cash alternative.
  • To use the Gift Voucher advance booking is advised. (note guidelines during Covid-19 pandemic)
  • The Gift Voucher is valid for a period of 5 years from date of purchase.
  • Only the original Gift Voucher must be presented upon redemption at your chosen business
  • To use your Gift Voucher for online payment please contact the Good Food Ireland Office: Email or Telephone +353 (0) 53 9158693.
  • To view full terms & conditions and find where you can use your Gift Voucher visit

When a Good Food Ireland® Gift Voucher is presented in your business:

  • Check the Value and the Expiry Date
  • Accept as part or full payment of the customer’s bill.
  • In the case where the customer is only using part of the value of the Gift Voucher you can either give the balance to the customer as cash back or issue the customer with one of your own vouchers to the value of the balance due.
  • The Gift Voucher can also be accepted as payment or part payment Online, if the customer contacts Good Food Ireland® office.
  • Keep the Gift Voucher safe to redeem your money.

How to redeem payment of your Gift Voucher:

Email the Gift Voucher to detailing the following –

  • The Gift Voucher Number (for example Voucher# 1115)
  • The Value of the Gift Voucher in €

Please include your Business Name, Bank account details (Account Name and Address, BIC and IBAN numbers)

Once email is sent and details recorded you must destroy the Gift Voucher so it may not be re-used in another Member business

Alternatively, you may prefer to post the Gift Voucher to the Good Food Ireland® Office for payment. The address is Good Food Ireland®, Ballykelly House, Drinagh, Wexford.

Payment of Gift Voucher monies will be remitted for the amount of the Gift Voucher less agreed (currently 5%) handling fee.