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byJillian Bolger

Issue: March/April
Date: 01/03/2021
Good Food Ireland® Reader Offer

Enjoy a 10% off the cover price when you buy Peter Mulryan’s The Whiskeys of Ireland.


By Peter Mulryan

This beautiful hardback book, with full-colour photographs throughout, will tell you everything you everything you ever wanted to know about Irish whiskey – the water of life.

Inside you’ll learn about…

* The History of Irish Whiskey

There is a strong connection between the history of distilling in Ireland and the history of the island itself. It’s as if whiskey were the lifeblood of the people.

* Its Rise and Fall

A hundred years ago Irish Whiskey was so prized that Scottish distillers often shipped their whiskey to Dublin, where it was mixed with a little Irish, re-exported as ‘Irish Whiskey’ and sold at a premium.

* Its Fall and Rise!

Ireland’s distillers reacted to the threat of blended Scotch exactly as you would expect; they fought amongst themselves to the edge of extinction! But today Irish Whiskey is the fastest-growing drink segment in the world. A generation ago there were only two distilleries in Ireland: now there’s over 32.

* How Whiskey is Made
Understand the difference between single malts, blends, pot-still whiskeys; and the art of distilling and blending.

* Tasting Whiskey
How to explore the different flavours found in Irish Whiskey and where they come from. Learn how to taste as well as drink!

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