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Menus at Hargadon Bros. pay a real homage to surrounding producers and feature the finest local and seasonal produce. Lunchtime here is always buzzing whereas dinner is more intimate affair but still in keeping with the casual vibe of this traditional pub.


Back in the mid 1800s when this pub first opened, Hargadon’s was a well-loved local hostelry with a truly unique quality. Despite the prevalence of music bars and the myriad traditional musicians in the country, Hargadon’s remained a ‘quiet’ bar, devoid of music and dedicated to its position as a genuine sanctuary. This policy remained in situ until fairly recent times and, despite it being relaxed in the last years, it remains free of televisions and devoted to conversation, story-telling, and, of course, good food.


Hargadon Bros. has been at the heart of Sligo life for over one hundred and fifty years and, despite being closed for some of them, has recently returned to its rightful place, close to the heart of Sligo folk and visitors.

The 1850s building has been restored to its former glory in a fantastic restoration project, which has been so successful as to render it impossible to tell the restoration work from the renovation. The bar used to bottle its own whiskey and beer and some of the casks are still in evidence, spread throughout the bar. Snugs, alcoves, and hideaways are seemingly endless. There are fires roaring at every turn and little rooms with old wooden chairs and benches. Some of the austerity of latter-day living has been softened with cushions, throws, banquettes and soft furnishings, but, somehow, nothing of the authentic original bar has been lost. There are still old grocery shelves in place and the attention to detail is quite astounding; a visit to see that alone is a must.

Since taking over at Hargadon Bros. a few years ago, Ray Monahan, Joe Grogan, and Joe’s wife Grainne have made serious waves. The trio are well known these days, in Sligo Town and beyond, for the magnificent Source Sligo, which combines a restaurant, wine bar, and cookery school in a three-storey building in the centre of town. At Hargadon’s, the trio have been gradually evolving a menu befitting their much more traditional and historic environs.

In keeping with the Good Food Ireland philosophy, menu choices here are a real homage to surrounding producers. Ingredients come from less than sixty miles of where you sit, and, in many cases, much closer, since the trio have started their own tunnel for herbs and salads in season, and much use is made of produce from other nearby growers.

Hargadon’s runs a full menu with daily specials. Service is warm and friendly, delivered by cheerful Sligo folk, happy to chat about the town and its inhabitants, but perhaps, most importantly, highly knowledgeable in local food terms. Pop in for a bite with a classic pint of Guinness served with a smile, a chat, and a tad of local gossip – all in the spirit of a real Irish pub!


Hargadon Bros. uses organically-produced food where at all possible. All food is sourced locally where possible and sourcing is paramount. The provenance at Hargadon Bros is about only using the highest quality and freshest ingredients. The philosophy is to use only fresh, responsibly-sourced, sustainable and quality ingredients that make its food stand out. Even the wines are sourced from its very own vineyard.

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