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Guinea Pig has a long and illustrious history in the bustling South Dublin town of Dalkey. Its reputation for excellence continues under the expertise of new owner and French Chef de Cuisine, Jérôme Fernandes.


A visit to the Guinea Pig is enticing mix of old world charm in a traditional dining setting with enticing French cuisine combined with a wealth of the very best of local Irish ingredients. Traditional French dishes such as Coq Au Vin and Boeuf Bourguignon work in harmony with Irish Chicken and Beef to create a magical dining experience!


Founded in 1957, Guinea Pig has been a constant presence throughout decades past, enduring through the ups and downs of modern Ireland. It has always been held in high regard by diners for its excellent food & drink offering. It has attracted stars of stage and screen from Hollywood and beyond, including screen icons, John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. They discovered the restaurant while filming in Ireland and were enticed back again and again! Modern Irish stars such as Bono and Liam Neeson have also been known to frequent the restaurant, so you never know when you dine at Guinea Pig, you may be rubbing shoulders with the world’s biggest stars.

No matter the guest, the team at the Guinea Pig will provide a warm welcome ensuring you enjoy a relaxing and immersive dining experience. An intimate dining space, this restaurant is adorned with classic crisp white linens and a silver service, harking back to the illustrious dining settings of days gone by.

Guinea Pig is now under the ownership French Chef de Cuisine, Jérôme Fernandes, whose immense experience and expertise has well prepared him for taking over the Guinea Pig, retaining its excellence and reputation and adding his own signature style. Jérôme, a native of Burgundy, France, blends his traditional French style cookery skills with the best Irish and local ingredients to bring a ‘show stopping’ food experience to diners. Visitors can expect to enjoy a classical dining experience presented in the timeless setting of the restaurant presented in perfect harmony with local food.

Classical French dishes such as Boeuf Bourguignon and Coq Au Vin to name just a few, often make an appearance on the menu, providing diners with a little of that famous French culture while also ensuring a local Irish ingredient led experience through the use of locally caught Dublin Bay Prawns, Irish Beef and Chicken.

Menus options include, Early Bird, À La Carte and even a Discovery Menu made of 4 courses and a bottle of wine. Guests are provided with plenty of choice with something to suit all tastes and budgets.

As a restaurant that is influenced by French cuisine and culture, it goes without saying that the wine offering is as sublime as the food offering. Browse a full and extensive wine list, carefully curated to work in tandem with the dishes presented on the menu. Servers will happily provide you with wine suggestions while you order from the menu.

For those who yearn for the classical dining experience curated from top quality food and wine along with a sterling service, a trip to Guinea Pig will fulfil all these wishes and more.


The Guinea Pig expertly combines the style of French cuisine with a wide selection of Irish seafood, beef and poultry to name but a few local ingredients. They proudly list their local suppliers on their website for all the see.

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