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João and Márcia introduce diners in Galway City to the brilliance of Portuguese and Brazilian cuisine at Apoema Bistro.


Apoema Bistro brings together the very best produce of Co, Galway presenting and flavouring it in a fantastic fusion of Portuguese and Brazilian cuisines.


A visit to Apoema Bistro is comparable to being reunited with a long lost friend or returning home after a long journey. This small restaurant radiates a warmth and lively atmosphere that is hard to resist. Márcia, one half of the dynamic duo who run the restaurant, is front of house and will warmly welcome you and happily answer any queries about the menu you may have. João is the master behind the delicious food that awaits you. Together they provide diners with a fantastic dining experience that is the culmination of their adventurous personalities.

Always having a love of Portuguese and Brazilian food and culture João and Márcia learned their craft after leaving behind their previous careers in favour of a move to Brazil. Here, they immersed themselves into the culture and cooking that so perfectly blended both countries and their shared history. New ways of cooking, of blending new flavours and presenting them in an articulate way found them reaching the height of popularity and winning many awards.

Their success would follow them back to Lisbon when they returned in 2014. They set up another small award winning restaurant that allowed their creative juices to flow. As often happens when people visit Galway, they became enamoured with the region when visiting Ireland. They set up their latest endeavour in Galway City in 2019. A perfect culmination of their travels and experience is reflected in the food and atmosphere of Apoema Bistro.

You can’t help but get excited when you view the menu, something so refreshing if you’re being introduced to this fusion cuisine. Each dish comes with a helpful description and a listing of ingredients. Dishes while Portuguese and Brazilian inspired are created using the wonderful produce found in Galway and the surrounding region. Fish and seafood play a big part in this fusion and Apoema makes use of the top quality and plentiful supply from Galway with a number of satisfying dishes. These include a Seafood Rice, flavoured with tomatoes, coriander and peppers. For those who like spice, Moqueca a Brazilian fish stew features Monkfish and King Prawns is a wise choice, a vegetarian option is also available. One of their most popular dishes, Picanha, uses Irish Beef Rump served with Portuguese style roasted potatoes.

Dessert features a selection of pudding, mousse and cakes all expertly flavoured for maximum satisfaction. Enjoy a selection of Portuguese wines, sangria or port-based cocktails to enjoy with your meal. Tying back once again to the rich Portuguese food & drink culture.

Dining at Apoema Bistro will feed your adventurous side along with your desire for experiencing world cuisines. The warm service and excellent food will entice you back for another sitting when you visit the city of the Tribes.


This fusion and flavours and food culture at Apoema is perfectly balanced with ingredients almost exclusively sourced from Galway.

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