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Ananda Restaurant in Dublin is an award-winning establishment that combines flavourful Indian cooking with fine-dining and artful presentation. Ananda needs little by way of an introduction as this Dublin restaurant has done much to raise the profile of Indian food in Ireland.


Ananda is a sister restaurant to the Jaipur chain of restaurants, which are owned by Asheesh Dewan. At Ananda Restaurant, the team has created a modern sense of India in the suburbs of Dublin. Everything is cooked under the terms of fine dining which is underlined by a deep and broad understanding of India’s cooking styles and taste combinations.


The Ananda dining room is full of the colours of India – think accents of vibrant pink and rich purple mixed with warmer muted tones – and Indian artefacts, which bring a touch of the subcontinent to suburban Dublin. The ambience is warm, relaxing and sophisticated. It is a super spot for any occasion be that an intimate dinner for two, a family get together or large celebration.

Cooking here combines fresh Irish ingredients with expert spicing and seasoning, and a touch of daring experimentation. The result is a new experience in visual contrasts and exotic flavours. All the favourites are on the menu but cooked and presented like you’ve never seen them before.

If you are curious about the creations, a glass wall into the kitchen enables diners to see the talented chefs at work.

The waiting staff have an air of grace and elegance and a great knowledge of the food, the Indian beer and wines on offer. Don’t be afraid to ask them about the dishes. They’ll happily talk you through everything. Professionalism underpins the floor service, which is why Ananda tempts its regulars back time and again.


The team at Ananda Restaurant source from the very best farmers, growers and fishermen and they are passionate about sourcing locally.

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