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The Sandwich Stall has been a firm favourite in Cork’s English Market since it first opened over a decade ago. The Sandwich Stall is by far one of the busiest spots in Cork City’s famous covered all-year-round food market. Take a walk by just before the lunch hour kicks in and see the amazing range of sandwiches and salads on offer. Stroll by again at about 3pm and there won’t be a crumb left! The Sandwich Stall originally came about when Jenny Rose worked at the neighbouring deli stall, which she co-owns with her partner Toby Simmonds. Often, she would get asked if she could make a sandwich to Read More


Feeling peckish during your visit to Cork City? Make sure to call into The Sandwich Stall to pick up a tasty sandwich or salad to go.

The sandwich stall day starts early, as all the salads and sandwiches are prepared freshly on the stall every morning. There’s also hot dishes and seasonal soups, which often include Sweet Tomato and Wild Garlic, Thai Sweet Potato, Silky Lemongrass and Chilli or Chick Pea, Sweet Potato, Spinach, Cumin Seed and Honey.

Freshly ground The Golden Bean coffee is available at the stall from early, as well as a range of tasty cakes and a vegetarian Chana Masala curry.


The Sandwich Stall prides itself on using high-quality local ingredients. Toby and Jenny-Rose own Toons Bridge Dairy near Macroom where they use fresh local raw cow and sheep milk to produce cheeses such as Mozzarella, Smoked Scamorza, Caciocavallo and Ricotta, all of which make an appearance at the Sandwich Stall. So too does freshly baked Arbutus Bread, mixed leaves from Horizon Farm of Kinsale, Ardsallagh goat’s cheese and meats from O’Mahonys Butchers in the English Market.

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